The financial services sector is one of the strongest growing sectors in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Once seen as unpromising and overly risky, SSA is now one of the world’s fastest growing emerging banking markets. Additionally, ADC focuses on private equity investments in SSA and follows an active management approach providing added value in operations to its portfolio companies. In particular, ADC transfers international expertise, network and know-how, which are key components of doing business and being successful in Africa.


ADC invests in frontier markets that are at a much earlier stage of economic and financial market development than emerging markets and are often at a turning point, showing strong fundamentals and a high potential for growth.


Preferably, majority stakes or minority stakes with managerial impact are acquired in order to be able to actively implement and steer any necessary business adjustments.

Topics: financial services, sub-Saharan Africa, emerging markets, private equity, acitve management approach, international expertise